How to Enable VLAN Trunking on Avi Service Engine Running on ESX


This article discusses configuration changes required to enable VLAN trunking on Avi Service Engines running on ESX in no -access mode.

Enabling VLAN Tagging on Avi Service Engine

Follow the below steps to enable VLAN trunking on Avi Service Engines.

  1. Login to Avi UI and navigate to Infrastructure > Service Engines. Select the desired Service Engines and click on the edit option.


  2. Click on Create VLAN Interface as shown below.


  3. Provide the required details as shown below and click on Save. Name and Parent Interface are the mandatory fields.


In the above example, VLAN trunking is enabled on the Ethernet interface 1 with VLAN 137.

You can now place the virtual service on Avi Service Engine using the usual way.

To create virtual service on Avi Vantage, refer to Virtual Services.

Enabling VLAN Tagging on ESX

To enable support for VLAN trunking to the Service Engine virtual machine in a vSphere environment, refer to the Virtual Guest Tagging (VGT) mode described in VLAN Configuration guide.

Configuring vLAN Interface

Starting with Avi Vantage version 20.1.3, the number of vLAN interfaces allowed to be configured on a SE is increased from 224 to 1000 (this feature is supported only in VMware no-access mode). As the number of vLAN interfaces increases, the memory usage increases significantly. The additional memory required for configuring 1000 vLAN interfaces is approximately 550MB. If there are configurations such as virtual services on those interfaces, then more memory is required.

If the memory runs low when you add a vLAN interface, the configuration is accepted but the interface is put into fault state. You can confirm this by using show serviceengine < > vnicdb command and check if there is a fault entry for the concerned interface.

The following is the sample output with fault entry:

Field Value
if_name avi_eth2.999
linux_name eth2.999
mac_address 00:50:56:81:2f:ec
pci_id PCI-eth2.999
mtu 1496
dhcp_enabled True
enabled True
connected True
network_uuid Unknown
ip fe80::250:56ff:fe81:2fec/64
mode DHCP
is_mgmt False
is_complete True
avi_internal_network False
enabled_flag True
running_flag True
pushed_to_dataplane False
consumed_by_dataplane False
pushed_to_controller False
can_se_dp_takeover True
vrf_ref global
vrf_id 1
ip6_autocfg_enabled True
uuid 00:50:56:81:2f:ec-eth2.999

The following are the reason and recommendation details:

|     reason                       | Insufficient memory to apply configuration                                |
|     recommendation               | Free up resources on this SE[se-00505681a639] and then do configure and save |

Note: 550MB memory is required to configure 1000 vLAN interfaces. If there are configurations such as virtual services on those interfaces, then more memory is required.

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