Verifying Notification Settings

The following settings should ne verified prior to putting them into effect:

  • SNMP trap configuration
  • Syslog profile configuration
  • Email profile configuration
  • SMTP configuration

Verification is manifested in the UI in several places. In the Notifications tab under Operations, notice the question mark icon to which the red arrow points in the below screenshot.

Avi Vantage UI notifications panel shows verification icon


Clicking the icon causes one of three dialog boxes to pop up, depending upon the sub-tab chosen, be it Syslog, Email (in the above screenshot), or SNMP Trap. smtp settings

validate syslog settings    

validate SNMP trap settings




An additional step may be taken, to send a test email. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Email/SMTP to setup email for notifications. For more information, refer to the email section of Notifications.


Additional Information