Initial Configuration Workflow for Avi Controller Deployed in AWS


Currently, when an Avi Controller virtual machine (VM) is installed, you can point a browser to the IP address and configure the admin password directly.

Starting with Avi Vantage release 18.2.3, Avi Controller does not have the initial password creation option when deployed on AWS.

Instead, the user is required to log in using an SSH key installed while creating the Avi Controller in AWS clouds and set the password.

This enhancement also introduces a change in the workflow to create an Avi Controller cluster in AWS.

Configuring Admin Password for Avi Controller Set-up in AWS

Once the Avi Controller is instantiated, execute the following command script to set password for the admin user.

local@Avi-Dev:~# ssh -i avitest-aws-key.pem admin@ "sudo /opt/avi/scripts/ --password Password@123" 
 Avi Cloud Controller
 Avi Networks software, Copyright (C) 2013-2017 by Avi Networks, Inc.
 All rights reserved.
 Version:      18.2.3
 Date:         2019-05-01 22:43:26 UTC
 Build:        9063
 Management:                 UP
 Gateway:                   UP
 [node1.controller.local] Executing task 'sync_linux_one_user' 
 [node1.controller.local] sudo: export PYTHONPATH=/opt/avi/python/lib && /opt/avi/scripts/ --sync-user '{"username": "admin", "uid": 2000, "is_sudoer": true, "controller": true, "unix_crypt_password": "abc12345", "delete": false}'
 [node1.controller.local] out: The user `admin' is already a member of `sudo'.
 [node1.controller.local] out:
 [node1.controller.local] Executing task 'sync_cli_user' 
 Resetting password for user admin. 
 Password reset complete

If the browser is pointed to the Avi Controller IP address, a login screen is available with instructions to set up the admin password. Once the password is configured, the admin user can log in via the Avi UI.

Once the authentication is successful, the user is provided with the initial configuration workflow as usual.

Changes for Cluster Set-up

While configuring Avi Controller cluster in AWS, the admin password for each node of the cluster is required as shown below.

cluster This is the same password for the admin account which is discussed in the previous section.

For more information on configuring Avi Controller cluster, refer to HA For Avi Controllers.

For more information on cluster configuration in AWS, refer to Cluster Configuration in AWS.