How does Avi Vantage assign IP to Avi Controller?


For an Avi Vantage deployment in a DHCP environment, Avi Controller IP is assigned using the DHCP option. The process for assigning IP to Avi Controller differs based on the configured cloud if Avi Vantage is configured using static IP.

Assigning Avi Controller IP in VMware deployment

Assigning Avi Controller IP in AWS deployment

The detailed information regarding assigning Avi Controller IP is available in step number 4 of 5.1 Deploying an EC2 Avi Controller Instance section of Installing Avi Vantage in Amazon Web Services.


Assigning Avi Controller IP in Linux server cloud deployment

  • In bare-metal integration or Linux Server Cloud integration (in the case of Docker), Avi Controller IP is assigned while running the script. Enter the Controller IP at the following prompt:

Please Enter Controller IP x.x.x.x

The following snapshot shows the section of the script when you will be prompted to enter Avi Controller IP.


For more information, refer to step number 7 of Installing Avi Vantage for a Linux Server Cloud.