DataScript: avi.vs.se_count

Function avi.vs.get_se_count()()
Description Returns the total number of service engines attached to the current virtual service
Events All events
Parameter None
Returns The total number of SEs for the respective virtual service
Example The following data script example will print 1 , if there is only one SE present:

-- scale-out SE open connection limit
local se_count = avi.vs.se_count() 
local open_conn = avi.vs.get_open_conns() 
per_se_max = MAX_OPEN_CON/se_count --Dividing the MAX count per SE, assuming equal distribution.
if (open_conn > per_se_max) then
	avi.vs.log("Current open conns: " .. open_conn .. "> MAX_OPEN_CON=" .. MAX_OPEN_CON .. " for Total SE: " .. se_count)
	avi.http.response(404, {content_type="text/html"}, "<html> MAX_OPEN_CON=" .. MAX_OPEN_CON .. " exceeded, please try later! </html>\n")
	avi.vs.log("Open conns: " .. open_conn .. " for Total SE: " .. se_count)