Tracking Avi Controller and Service Engine Upgrade Status in AWS Cloud


Starting with Avi Vantage release 21.1.1, the upgrade version and the last upgrade date information are available for Avi Controller and Avi Service Engines for the deployment in AWS cloud.

Tags To Check Upgrade Status

The following tags are available for Avi Controller and Service Engines to track the upgrade status:

  • AVI_VERSION - the latest Avi Vantage version for the Avi Controller and Service Engine
  • AVI_UPGRADED_ON - the date and the timestamp when the software version upgrade was completed.

Tagging Avi Controlller

These tags are available only for Avi Controllers which are deployed with IAM roles attached. Upgrade tags are not supported for the deployment of Avi Controller using the access key and secret key.

Tagging Avi SEs

SEs have these tags populated irrespective of the access methods used for AWS cloud creation.

Checking Upgrade Status

The tags are available in the AWS Console, for the Avi Controller and Service Engine instances.


The above screenshot depicts Avi Vantage is at the version 21.1.1 and the upgrade was successfully completed on 2021-07-21 at 06:26:10 UTC.
Note: On initial deployment, AVI_UPGRADED_ON shows the build date for the Controller and Service Engine software.