F5 Load Balancer / Citrix Netscaler Replacement

Load Balancer Refresh

Application-centric teams adopt solutions that are software-only, infrastructure-agnostic, and support diverse infrastructure or architectural requirements. Appliance-based application delivery controller (ADC) solutions require expensive, proprietary hardware/virtual appliances that do not elastically scale on demand to support application traffic changes. Appliance-based load balancers such as F5 BIG-IP and Citrix NetScaler fall short of application services capabilities beyond load balancing, such as application analytics, predictive autoscaling, app maps, and micro-segmentation.

Things to consider before you renew F5 BIG-IP or Citrix NetScaler:

  • Do you have central control with a distributed pool of service proxies across a multi-cloud deployment?
  • Can you load balance monolithic and micro-services applications consistently?
  • Do you have consistent admin user experience for load balancing workloads across multiple clouds?

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Can your F5 BIG-IP or Citrix NetScaler also be an APM solution?

  • Do you get real-time and actionable application analytics?
  • Can you predictively or automatically scale-out your load balancing and app instance with traffic, in an instant?
  • Are your administrators and app owners able to troubleshoot network and app issues in <10 seconds?

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