Cisco ACE Replacement

Load Balancer Refresh: Migrate from Cisco ACE

Are you a current customer of Cisco ACE load balancer?  Migrating from Cisco ACE just got easy with Avi Networks!  Avi Networks and Cisco partner to deliver a software load balancing solution that modernizes your data centers so you can run cloud-native apps built on microservices architectures alongside traditional apps.  Unlike traditional hardware-centric load balancers that are inflexible and are not programmable, Avi Networks offers a software-defined architecture to enable programmability, automation, and elastic scale, on-demand.

Cisco partners with Avi to provide a smooth ACE migration with:

  • A flexible, analytics-driven, load balancing software deployed on high-performance NFV appliances
  • An elastic, software-driven approach to load balancing that is highly-automated
  • Providing TCO savings of over 50% (compared to traditional load balancing solutions)

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With Cisco CSP and Avi Networks, enterprises and service providers can replace their Cisco ACE appliances with a flexible software load balancing solution on an industry-standard Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform that scales elastically on demand.

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