Avi Vantage Platform Architecture

Create a single, highly scalable application delivery platform without adding complexity

Software Defined Application Services with Central Control

The Avi Vantage Platform is architected on software-defined principles with separate data and control planes, and provides load balancing as a dynamic pool of distributed resources across multi-cloud environments. Avi’s unique architecture enables application services beyond load balancing including application performance monitoring, predictive autoscaling, complete automation, and policy-driven self-service for application owners.


Distributed load balancers

  • Runs on any x86 servers, VMs, containers
  • App delivery in any data center and cloud
  • Collect app performance, security, and client data
  • Autoscale horizontally in minutes
  • Service proxy for microservices


Central control and management

  • Orchestrates policy-driven service placement
  • Monitors real-time app performance
  • Predictively autoscales load balancers and apps
  • Provides multitenant, per-app load balancing
  • Troubleshoot apps with traffic analytics


Web-based administration and monitoring

  • Automatic configuration of virtual services
  • Illustrates network configurations and VIPs
  • Displays app health scores / round-trip times
  • Performance, security, and client insights
  • App maps display service interactions

Avi Vantage: Deployment Architecture

The Avi Vantage Platform is architected for software defined application service delivery. Avi Vantage separates data and control planes to provide load balancing as a dynamic pool of distributed resources across multi-cloud environments. Avi Vantage is the industry’s first software load balancer that can be deployed on bare metal, VMs, or containers in any data center or public cloud environments.

Appliance-based Legacy ADCs vs. Software-only Avi Vantage Platform