Deal Registration Terms & Conditions

At Avi Networks, we are 100% committed to working with our partner community to jointly expand Avi’s footprint in the ADC market. Our deal registration program is an opportunity based program which allows partners to bring Avi’s technology into their established customer base or generate new account opportunities as a result of events and call out days.

Out of respect for our all our partners, the team here at Avi believes in being as transparent as possible about our deal registration program. As a result, we’ve put together a quick overview of our deal registration process and policies so we can avoid confusion and set everyone up for success right from the start.

  1. Immediately after submitting a deal registration, the partner rep should a confirmation email and a receipt of their deal registration.

  2. A member of Avi Networks sales team should contact partner reps who submit deal registration, Within 2 business days after the deal reg. was submitted, to gather information and facilitate approval registration.

  3. Partner reps will have 30 days after the initial approval to setup an introductory meeting between the Avi Sales team and the prospect company.

  4. If a meeting has not been scheduled after 20 days, an Avi sales team member will send out a reminder to the partner rep and the Regional Sales Manager at Avi and offer to provide assistance in scheduling the introductory meeting.

  5. If, after 30 days, an introductory meeting has still not been set, an Avi sales team member will coordinate a call with the partner rep and Avi Regional Sales Manager to determine appropriate next steps. If agreed, SDR will work for an additional 15 days (45 days total) and if no meeting is set the deal registration will be disqualified.

  6. Deal registrations are considered valid for 180 days from initial approval date. Registration can be extended beyond 180 days by Avi’s Regional Sales Managers.

  7. If an extension is granted, partner reps should receive confirmation of the extension via email. Avi Networks reserves the right to rescind deal registrations if there is an RFP, tender, or if there is a contract vehicle requirement that the registered partner is not able to meet.