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Avi Networks' next-gen ADC for Microsoft Azure applications

The adoption of public cloud is gathering momentum. Organizations such as Adobe are hosting mission critical and customer facing applications in Azure for instance. Such applications do however need full enterprise grade services such as load balancing to deliver the quality application experience that customers expect, but also to streamline and automate the delivery of the applications. That isn why Adobe deploys Avi in Azure for many of its applications

Join our webinar to learn about Next-gen application networking services from Avi Networks, where we discuss:
-Enterprise-grade load balancing for Microsoft Azure applications and the simplicity of migrating applications.
-Central management across multiple Azure VNets.
-Consistent application architecture across Azure and data center.
-Automated provisioning of load balancers with on-demand cloud-native experience. Complete REST APIs for automation and integration for Azure VNets, scale-set, and Azure DNS.
-Simplified operations with application visibility and performance insights.
-Elastic scale-out of load balancers and back-end application servers based on real-time traffic data.

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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