Service Mesh by Avi Networks

Service Mesh for Microservices Apps


Application Services for Containers and Microservices

The Avi Vantage Platform integrates with container-based environments to provide dynamically configured load balancing, service discovery, service proxy, application mapping, and autoscaling capabilities. The solution also provides end-to-end visibility and performance monitoring at the microservice and service-fabric levels, and autoscales application instances across thousands of nodes based on real-time traffic and application performance.


  • Full featured load balancer for every microservice instance
  • Application analytics with visual aids for troubleshooting
  • Micro-segmentation, DDoS protection, and L4-L7 policies
  • Application mapping of inter-service relationships
  • Autoscaling of applications based on real time performance


  • Simplifies deployment with central control
  • Monitors performance, reduces troubleshooting effort
  • Secures microservices without the need for point products
  • Visualizes relationships between service components
  • Predictively autoscales load balancers and apps based on traffic patterns