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Avi Networks offers a range of professional services that ensure your ‘on-prem’ and public cloud Avi Vantage deployments, migrations and automation projects are a huge success.

Our exceptionally talented team of consultants have decades of experience in core networking; application delivery; public, private and multi-cloud; security; analytics and automation and DevOps. They provide coverage across North America, EMEA and APJ.


  • A wealth of expertise in implementing ADC migrations (including iRules and Ansible scripts)
  • Guaranteed best-practice configuration
  • Cost and risk reduction by using trained deployment and migration experts
  • Implement consistent, automated deployments across ecosystems


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Types of Services We Offer

Consulting Services

Migration Service (F5 LTM/GTM, Citrix NetScaler, Cisco ACE, Custom)

  • Automated or manual conversion of existing ADC configuration including associated iRules/traffic management scripts
  • Validation of converted configuration with detailed reports and functional testing
  • Optional assistance with application traffic cutovers & onboarding

Deployment Service

  • Design Avi SLB, GSLB, Service Mesh or iWAF solution for customer environment with option for manual or automated deployment across supported eco-systems
  • Deploy required Avi Infrastructure and optionally create new applications and related objects

Scheduled Standby Service

  • Onsite/Remote standby for peak traffic windows

Automation Service

  • Create playbooks for Avi deployment/configuration on Ansible/Terraform or automation platform of choice
  • Integrate with self-service/automation/orchestration frameworks using Avi SDK and/or Ansible roles
  • Assist customer DevOps teams with integration with existing automation workflows

Configuration Audit Service

  • Audit deployed Avi infrastructure per operational best practices
  • Perform extensive multi-faceted health checks and provide recommendations

Guided PoV Service

  • Avi design, deployment, migration and acceptance testing per defined PoV scope

Premium Services

Dedicated On-site Engineer/Customer Success Engineer/Resident Engineer

  • On-site Consulting, Support and Escalation resource
  • Helps with PoV, design, deployment, app migration, upgrades, and support issues
  • Accelerates Operationalization
  • Provides Knowledge Transfers
  • Coordinate feature releases, beta programs and RFEs with Avi Engineering & PM teams
  • More offering details here

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

  • Designated support contact
  • Weekly case status review / monthly project review / quarterly business and roadmap review
  • Coordinates feature releases and beta programs
  • More offering details here


Architecture & Operations

  • Avi 101 standard Architecture & Operations Training (2 days)
  • Advanced Operations and Troubleshooting Training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi GSLB Design, Deployment & Best Practices (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi GSLB Deployment, Best Practices & Troubleshooting (2 days, Standalone)
  • Avi iWAF Deployment and Best Practices (2 days, Standalone)


  • Avi REST APIs Training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)
  • Avi Ansible or Terraform Integration training (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi 101 training)


  • Avi on OpenShift/Kubernetes Design & Deployment (2 days, Standalone)
  • Avi on OpenShift/Kubernetes Troubleshooting (1 day add-on to 2 day Avi Openshift training)

Ecosystem Integration

  • Avi Ecosystem Integration (Azure, AWS, Cisco CSP, VMware, GCP, etc., 1 day add-on to 2 day
    Avi 101 training)

Custom Training Content


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Fast Start Program

Avi’s Fast Start bundles enable customers with education and professional services to quickly get started with their Avi
Networks purchase.

Fast Start Bundles are offered in two options – Fast Start Basic and Fast Start Pro. For more information contact your Avi
Networks representative.

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