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Software Defined Services by Avi Networks

Building Blocks for your Next Generation Software Defined Services

Enterprises need a full stack of solutions, comprising orchestration, networking, security and virtualization solutions, to achieve a true software-defined approach for delivering application services. Learn how our current technology partners work with us in delivering a software-defined approach to our customers.

“Enterprises modernizing their data centers are looking for elastic, virtual network functions for their applications,” said Sharad Rastogi, Vice President of Product Management for Enterprise Networking at Cisco. “The combination of Avi Networks’ software-defined load balancing architecture and the Cisco CSP 2100 NFV platform delivers flexible, cost-effective, and turn-key load balancing services.”

–Sharad Rastogi
Vice President of Product Management for Enterprise Networking at Cisco
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The primary driver behind OpenStack adoption is the desire for higher levels of automation and self-service for infrastructure services. With the Avi Controller Nova, Neutron, LBaaS, and Keystone integration, our joint customers can provision elastic load balancing, elastic application delivery with SSL, and elastic application and end-user analytics services on-demand. Our design goals were to ensure that the Avi Networks solution requires no changes in OpenStack, can be installed in minutes, and automatically scales capacity up or down based on number of tenants, applications, and overall load.

–Murali Basavaiah
Co-Founder & VP Engineering, Avi Networks
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Avi's integration with VMware technologies provides three key benefits to our customers. First, unlike legacy load balancers, the Avi Vantage Platform communicates directly with vCenter to scale application delivery and analytics capacity on-demand. Second, customers can configure using VM names they’re used to, rather than IP addresses. And third, Avi Vantage queries vCenter to collect metrics, such as CPU/memory/IO/disk usage, correlates them with end-user experience, and visual actionable information to administrators and app developers, enabling them to quickly pinpoint and fix performance issues.

–Guru Chahal
VP Product, Avi Networks

Juniper challenges the status quo with products, solutions and services that transform the experience and economics of networking. Our partnership with Avi Networks particularly highlights Contrail’s leadership in SDN for modern, automated cloud infrastructure. Through this integration of two software solutions, we’re delivering on the promise of highly scalable, secure, performant cloud networking and load balancing services, and we’ve integrated them with customer simplicity, cost effectivity and business agility in mind.

–Jason Venner
VP Architecture & Technical Marketing, Contrail and Cloud

By fostering collaboration, the Intel® Network Builders program seeks to increase ecosystem alignment, leading to the design of world-class solutions. Avi Networks and Intel have partnered to give CSPs more control over their multi-tenant environments. Avi Networks applies NFV and SDN principles to improve the visibility, scalability, and control of cloud computing infrastructure based on Intel® Xeon® processors.

Avi Networks and Nutanix team up to enable Nutanix customers the access to Nutanix-ready Avi Vantage application services for automatable load balancing and other services. Nutanix spearheaded the enterprise cloud revolution. Now, as networking adopts a software-driven architecture, with parallel goals and architecture, the integration between Avi and Nutanix is natural. When compute, storage,and networking work together, the possibilities for better control and automation are endless.

–Edward Sharp
Chief Strategy Officer, Avi Networks

Application resiliency and real-time visibility are key requirements for running business critical applications in OpenStack cloud. Avi Networks and Mirantis are working together to integrate elastic application delivery and powerful application analytics in OpenStack and to accelerate OpenStack adoption in enterprise production environments.

CMO, Mirantis & Board Member, OpenStack Foundation

Service Providers and Enterprises are selecting Nuage Networks' industry-leading Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) as they adopt SDN to increase network flexibility, streamline management, improve security, and reduce both CapEx and OpEx. We are excited to add the Avi Vantage Platform to our partner ecosystem. Our joint development and integration efforts ensure that our mutual customers can improve end-user experience while maximizing performance and availability of their business-critical applications.

–Charles Ferland
VP of Business Development, Nuage Networks

IT workflow automation and self-service provisioning are key to the success of DevOps initiatives as enterprises accelerate the adoption of continuous development and continuous integration methodologies. Avi Networks offers a compelling application delivery and monitoring solution for Chef users so that they can accelerate the software development and delivery lifecycle.

–Ken Cheney
VP of Business Development, Chef

Managing and operating virtualized infrastructure in a cloud environment is complex and prone to human errors. Avi Networks is working with Puppet Labs to deliver a higher degree of IT automation to accelerate the service agility and eliminating the cost, complexity and disruptions associated with customers' move to a private, public or hybrid cloud-based environment.

–Nigel Kersten
CIO, Puppet Labs