Avi Networks to Unveil Award-winning, Next-gen Software Load Balancer With Integrated Application Analytics at Openstack Summit Vancouver

VANCOUVER (OpenStack Summit, Booth #T9) – May 18, 2015 (PRWeb) – Avi Networks, the Cloud Application Delivery Company, today announced that it will showcase the first public demonstration of the company’s next-gen ADC for Openstack environments at this week’s OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. The demonstrations will highlight unique advantages offered by integrating Avi Networks’ award-winning, next-generation software load balancer within large-scale OpenStack deployments.

Avi Networks is also unveiling reference architectures and demonstrations with a long list of partners, such as Canonical, Cisco, Mirantis, Nuage Networks and Red Hat, that will be available in Avi Networks’ booth. The company is also announcing that its solution has been deployed at more than 20 customers who are using OpenStack as their cloud management and data center orchestration platform.

Avi Networks’ unique benefits in OpenStack environments include its ability to offer more agile, secure, and automation in deploying and load-balancing applications compared to open-source only or legacy, appliance-based ADCs. An example deployment is at Auto Data Direct, Inc., the Florida-based provider of vehicle and driver data as well as other value-added, real-time information services.

“As we adopt OpenStack in our environment, offering application delivery and security services for both virtualized and legacy applications without deploying multiple redundant layers of infrastructure has been a major goal,” said Sean Patronis, director of Infrastructure at Auto Data Direct. “Avi Networks has significantly simplified our network operations by consolidating our cloud and legacy high-availability network infrastructure. The solution provides amazing performance reports and data. All this power comes packaged in an easy-to-use web interface, backed by powerful RESTful APIs. We’ve never had so much visibility and control with so little effort.”

The Avi demo will highlight important advantages that OpenStack users enjoy with CADP, including:

Ease and speed of integration through a single-step, fully automated process that enables users to provision new network services in less than 60 seconds. The Avi Networks approach compares favorably versus the complicated, multi-step provisioning and configuration requirements of legacy ADCs;

Auto and elastic-scaling of network services that are scheduled or event-triggered through deep integration with OpenStack components such as Nova and Neutron. The ability to auto scale resource up or down is a major advantage in demanding, OpenStack-based private cloud and mobile environments that have unpredictable end-user demands;

Optimized user experience through rich, inline analytics and visibility of application performance to achieve guaranteed service levels;

Secure, high-performance computing of business-critical applications in multi-tenant data centers and clouds. Unlike opensource-only or legacy ADCs, the Avi Networks CADP provides SLA-based application delivery for tenants, with full data path isolation.

“An effective transition to new technology models such as SDN and cloud requires solutions that can leverage the existing infrastructure while at the same time helping to jumpstart migration to the new architectures,” said Tracy Corbo, principal analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “Avi Networks has created a product that leverages the best of SDN, monitoring, and application delivery to solve the real-world business problems for key environments such as OpenStack.”

“We are honored to be at the OpenStack Summit since OpenStack users are becoming one of the most strategic customer segments for our company,” said Dhritiman Dasgupta, VP of Marketing at Avi Networks. “Today, customers have to choose between open-source solutions that lack enterprise-grade ADC features or go with a legacy ADC approach that follows a device-centric management paradigm – that simply doesn’t work within OpenStack’s cloud-based model.  Avi brings the best of both worlds.”

Supporting partner quotes:

Mirantis: “As the pure-play Openstack company, it’s our mission to help infrastructure partners like Avi Networks gain interoperability with Mirantis Openstack, a market-leading OpenStack distribution that’s easy to install and operate at scale. We welcome Avi Networks to our recently launched Mirantis Unlocked Program that helps infrastructure and solution providers seamlessly deliver technology in the OpenStack ecosystem.”

Boris Renski, Chief Marketing Officer, Mirantis

Nuage Networks: “As an SDN leader we are committed to joint development and integration projects with innovative companies like Avi Networks, that will ensure improved user experience while maximizing performance, scalability, security, and availability of business-critical applications and environments such as OpenStack clouds. Our collaboration via our partner programs are helping to further validate the cloud and distributed infrastructure architectures as a viable enterprise data center technology that is production-ready today.”

Charles Ferland, VP of Business Development, Nuage Networks

About Avi Networks

Avi Networks is the Cloud Application Delivery Company. The Avi Networks Cloud Application Delivery Platform (CADP) brings the benefits of hyperscale application delivery to enterprises at any scale. With a unique analytics-driven and distributed application delivery architecture – HYDRA™, the Avi Networks solution guarantees end-user application experience for on-premise and cloud-based applications. The company’s founding team has previously delivered products that today run in more than 80 percent of the world’s data centers.

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