Avi Networks Delivers ‘Elasticity Everywhere’ with Zero Code Automation for Multicloud Environments

‘Intent-based’ system removes custom scripting requirements to
deliver modern applications

Santa Clara, CA — March 27, 2018 — Avi Networks, the next-gen application delivery platform, launched new features today that make it easy for enterprises to automate the deployment and scaling of applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Enhancements to Avi’s integration with datacenter management platforms, Ansible and Terraform, paired with Avi’s machine learning capabilities let IT teams provision infrastructure resources and application services without the need to code complex logic. This solution can be deployed across the largest cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as private data centers.

Until now, enterprises had to manually configure applications and use custom scripts to provision resources within their environments. The architectural innovations in Avi’s platform remove this hurdle to deliver best-in-class automation, elasticity, and self-service. As demand increases for an application, Avi can automatically spin up additional servers, cloud infrastructure, network resources, and application services for the application.

“Automating application deployment and provisioning is essential for enterprises today. However, organizations need to code and maintain complex scripts to deploy applications in each respective environment, and for each potential scenario. The move towards hybrid and multi-cloud only makes this experience more painful,” said Gaurav Rastogi, Automation and Analytics Architect at Avi Networks. “We’ve eliminated that hassle. You don’t have to think about inputs or code anymore. Simply declare the desired outcome and let Avi’s intent-based system do the rest.”

“Automation is revolutionizing how applications are deployed and how applications scale,” said Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst for Networking at 451 Research. “Avi’s intent-based capabilities combined with integrations with automation tools are designed to deliver elastic application networking services through a single, infrastructure-agnostic platform. This has the potential to simplify cloud migration considerations, streamline operations, and improve an enterprise’s ability to do more with less.”

Avi Vantage is a software-only application delivery platform that brings detailed analytics and automation to load balancing and web application firewalls. Enterprises like Adobe Systems and Swisslos use Avi to migrate and scale their operations in the cloud and bring cloud-like agility back to their data center.

ZOLL Data, a division of ZOLL Medical Corporation, a leading developer of emergency medical devices and software, began using Avi Networks and Ansible when launching a new service on Amazon AWS.

“Avi Networks’ analytics and zero-code automation with Ansible are a powerful combination,” said Garrett Zorigian, Director of Site Reliability Engineering at ZOLL Data. “The automation makes deployment fast and efficient, and the analytics give us visibility we never had before. It’s an ideal solution for AWS, and it gives us enormous flexibility if we decide to extend into other clouds.”

The intent-based and machine learning capabilities are native to the platform, and the Ansible and Terraform integrations for multi-cloud automation are now available at no extra cost to all new and existing customers of the Avi Vantage Platform.

About Avi Networks
Avi Networks completes enterprises’ digital transformation with its smart load balancer and modern application services. The Avi Vantage Platform is deployed across data centers and clouds, delivering better elasticity, intelligence, and cost savings by providing granular per-tenant and per-app services. Customers enjoy 5X faster application rollouts, actionable analytics, and 70% lower cost.

Avi is backed by leading investors including Greylock, Lightspeed, Menlo, and DAG Ventures.