IPAM Provider (OpenStack)


Avi Vantage communicates with OpenStack Neutron via APIs to provide IPAM functionality. Currently, DNS services from OpenStack are not supported in this configuration.

Note: This function provides support for cloud providers who host their Virtual Machines (VM)/ instances on OpenStack (for example, Mesos nodes running on OpenStack instances). Therefore, this configuration is irrelevant if you are using OpenStack cloud in Avi Vantage.

Configuring IPAM

To configure IPAM,

  1. Navigate to Templates > Profiles > IPAM/DNS Profiles.
  2. Click on Create to view the New IPAM/DNS Profile: window.
  3. Enter the Profile name.
  4. Select the Type as OpenStack IPAM.
  5. Enter OpenStack profile configuration details.
    The New IPAM/DNS Profile: screen appears as shown below.

    Avi Vantage OpenStack IPAM
  6. Click on Save.

IPAM configuration for OpenStack is complete.