Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) with Avi Vantage

Global server load balancing (GSLB) is an act of balancing load across application instances that are deployed at multiple instances (data centers and/or public clouds). Avi Vantage serves as a local load balancer that manages application load at any one of the locations.

GSLB assists in achieving one or more of the following goals for an application:

  • Provide optimal application experience to clients in geographically distributed areas.
  • Perform non-disruptive migration to an another data center.
  • Offer resilience to loss of a data center or a network connection.

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to documentation for GSLB on Avi Vantage:

Solution References
Overview Avi GSLB Overview
Architecture and terminology Avi GSLB Architecture, Terminology, and Object Model
Configuration References
Site configuration Avi GSLB Site Configuration and Operations
Service configuration GSLB Service Configuration
Third-party site configuration Third-Party Site Configuration and Operations
NAT aware GSLB configuration NAT-aware Public-Private GSLB Configuration
FQDN wildcard GSLB Wildcard FQDNs
Two level GSLB pool member service selection How to Set GSLB Algorithms at Both the GSLB Service and GSLB Pool Levels - Two-Level GSLB Pool Member Service Selection
DNS selective assignment Selective Assignment of a GSLB Service to DNS Virtual Services
User Guides
Geolocation based algorithm Geolocation-based Load Balancing Algorithm for GSLB Members
Geolocation based database Geolocation Database
Site cookie persistence GSLB Site Cookie Persistence
ECS option insertion Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) Client Subnet Option Insertion
GSLB site selection GSLB Site Selection with Fallback and Preferred-Site Options
Resync configured and operational VIP Changing VIP of a Local VS Member of a GSLB Pool
Monitoring and Operations Guides
Health monitors Avi GSLB Service Health Monitors
Upgrade Upgrades in an Avi GSLB Environment
New leader site How to Change a Follower Site to the New Leader Site
Detach follower site Unable to Detach GSLB Site from the Unresponsive Leader site
Troubleshooting Guides
Geo database Troubleshooting GeoDB Issues
Site configuration errors Avi GSLB Site Configuration and Operations
Integration Guides
F5 Global Traffic Manager GSLB Integration with F5 GTM
Ecosystem related Guides
Amazon Web Services Avi GSLB in an AWS Multi-Region, Multi-AZ Deployment
Microsoft Azure GSLB in Azure DNS Private Zones