Virtual Service Creation: APIC

This article describes how to create a virtual service for an APIC cloud:

  1. Create a contract and apply a Service Graph.

  2. Create a load-balancing virtual service using Avi Vantage.

Detailed steps are provided below.

Create Contract and Apply Service Graph

  1. Select the tenant where Controller was deployed.

  2. Navigate to Security Policies > Contracts (left pane).

  3. Click Actions and select Create Contract from the drop-down menu.

  4. Provide the following information:

    • Name for the contract
    • Subject with filters
    • Graph template created previously
  5. Associate the contract with a consumer EPG and a provider EPG. The provider EPG must contain servers to load balance.


Configure Load-balancing Virtual Service Using Avi Vantage

Create a virtual service in the tenant where the Avi Vantage device package is deployed, or in a tenant to which the device package was exported.

  1. Click admin (top right corner) and select a tenant.

  2. Navigate to Applications > Dashboard.

  3. Select the cloud and click New.

  4. Enter a user-friendly virtual service name.

  5. Enter an IP address or DNS hostname for the virtual service.

  6. On the New Virtual Service edit menu, select a graph instance in the Name field ( : ).

  7. Check EPG on the Select Server menu.

  8. Select an EPG for the servers to be load balanced from the APIC EPG drop-down list.

  9. Click Save.

Note: It can take up to 3 minutes until the virtual service becomes online. This is because a new concrete device needs to be added.


Clicking New Virtual Service (or Create Virtual Service) opens the configuration wizard for the service.