OpenStack Support in Avi Vantage


OpenStack has become the de facto standard for open source cloud orchestration because of its openly designed, collaboratively developed architecture by a vast community. OpenStack provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for deploying scalable cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, OpenStack allows the user to program and automate infrastructure through REST APIs.

Cloud Application Delivery Platform for OpenStack

Avi Vantage integrates with OpenStack infrastructure components to provide centralized automation, monitoring, and management of application discovery and delivery. Avi Vantage integrates with OpenStack services like Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Neutron LBaaS v2, Horizon, and Heat. Avi Vantage integrates with OpenStack to offers several benefits like:

  • Accelerated OpenStack adoption
  • Quality end-user experience
  • On-demand autoscaling of application performance
  • 50% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings
  • Faster application rollout and problem resolution

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to documentation for OpenStack integration with Avi Vantage:

Reference Architecture
Avi Vantage Platform Reference Architecture for OpenStack
Installation Guides
Installing Avi Vantage for Openstack
Installing Avi Vantage into a No-Access OpenStack Cloud
Deployment Guides
Creating Service Engine using Heat-Templates in no access OpenStack Cloud
Avi LBaas Installation Steps for Contrail
Deployment of Avi Vantage in Nuage Networks
Configuration Guides
IPAM and DNS Support
Openstack Advanced Configuration Options
OpenStack Network Configuration for Avi Controller Cluster
Forcing Deletion of Virtual Service Ports in Neutron
Custom Security Groups in OpenStack and AWS Clouds
Security Hardening in OpenStack and AWS Clouds
Avi Vantage Support for Multiple OpenStack Floating IPs
User Guides
Avi Heat Resource Types
IPv6 in Avi Vantage for OpenStack
OpenStack AZ Awareness
OpenStack External Networks
Reset An OpenStack Default Cloud
Integration Documents
Avi and Nuage Integration
Avi and Juniper Contrail Integration
ECMP Support in OpenStack Contrail Environments
Certification Documents
Red Hat Technologies
Note: Navigate to the Certifications tab
Avi Heat Plugin
Horizon Dashboard
LBaaS v2

Avi Heat Releases
Avi Heat Examples
Avi Dashboard