Cisco ACI Support in Avi Vantage

Avi Vantage supports integration with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Avi Vantage’s Controller-led architecture de-couples the control plane and the data plane. This architecture makes it possible for the Controller to automate the L4-L7, where as the ACI provides L2-L3 network automation for Service Engines.


Avi Vantage integration with Cisco ACI offers the following advantages:

  • L4-L7 device creation dealt by Avi Vantage.
  • Load balancer (Service Engine) monitoring and application server health.
  • Clear isolation of user roles between the network administrator and load balancer administrator.
  • Synchronization of tenants, bridge domains, EPGs from APIC to Avi Controller.
  • Real-time application analytics.
  • Application protection from L4-L7 attacks.
  • APIC EPG membership monitoring to automatically add or remove application instances from pools.
  • Load balancer auto scaling based on real-time performance metrics (CPU, memory, bandwidth, connections, latency)

Starting with 17.2.10, Avi Vantage has enhanced integration supported with Cisco ACI.

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to documentation for Cisco ACI integration with Avi Vantage:

Design References
Complete Design Guide Avi Vantage Design Considerations with Cisco ACI
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VMware read/no access cloud Cisco ACI Network Policy Mode on Read/No Access VMware Cloud
VMware write access cloud Cisco ACI Network Policy Mode on Write Access VMware Cloud
Deployment References
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Solution References
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