Virtual Service Creation: VMware

In Avi Vantage, a virtual service is the combination of an IP address and a TCP/UDP port number. Each virtual service is associated with a pool of servers. Vantage load balances web requests from end-users among the servers in the virtual service’s pool.

Virtual services can be configured using Basic Setup for quick provisioning or Advanced Setup for additional options. A virtual service’s policies and options can be added when the service is created, and also can be modified later.

To create a virtual service for a VMware cloud using Basic Setup:

  1. Log into the Avi Controller through a browser.

  2. Select Applications from the menu on the top left corner.

  3. Select Virtual Services on the top menu bar.

  4. Click New -> Basic Setup.

  5. Select the cloud and click New.

  6. Enter a user-friendly virtual service name.

  7. Enter an IP address or DNS hostname for the virtual service.

  8. Click Select Servers by Network and choose a port group to list candidate servers for the pool members.

    Note: This step is not applicable in No Access Mode.

  9. Select pool members from the list.

  10. Click Add Servers.

  11. Click Save.