Terms of Avi Vantage Software License

Avi Vantage software must be licensed. A free trial license is available for evaluating the product. To deploy Avi Vantage into an enterprise cloud, an enterprise license is recommended.

Avi Vantage licenses are subscription-based, and have a start date and an expiration date. Each license applies to a specific infrastructure type, and more than one license can be added to a single Avi Controller. For example, an Avi Controller that will be used in both a VMware vCenter cloud and in a Mesos cloud will need a separate license for each one.

Note: For information about procuring, installing, and managing a license, click here.

Infrastructure (Cloud) Type Licensed By Description
Nutanix Acropolis
Service Engine (SE) vCPUs Defines the maximum number of vCPUs (cores) that can be used across all SEs in these cloud types. Individual SEs can vary in terms of the number of vCPUs each individual SE has, so long as the total number of vCPUs consumed by all SEs does not exceed the number of vCPUs allowed in the license file. SE vCPU allocation is configured in the SE group.

  • For example, a 10-vCPU license allows up to 10 1-vCPU SEs, or 5 2-vCPU SEs, or a mix of 4 1-vCPU SEs and 3 2-vCPU SEs (across 2 SE groups), and so on.

Per-VS license mode: If an SE group is configured in per-app SE mode, a vCPU counts at 25% rate for licensing usage. For example, a 2-vCPU SE in the per-app SE group utilizes 0.5 vCPU license (2 * 0.25). Per-app SE mode is limited to a maximum of 2 virtual services per SE. This mode is suitable for deployments with dedicated per-application load balancers. Per-VS license mode is not supported for DNS virtual services.

Linux server cloud (bare metal) SE sockets Defines the maximum number of sockets Avi SEs can be deployed on.

Note: Alternatively, SE vCPU-based licensing can be used instead of SE-socket-based licensing for a Linux server cloud.

Container cloud Nodes in cluster Defines the maximum number of nodes (cluster size) on which SE instances that can be deployed. One SE instance is installed on each node within the cluster.

Note: Alternatively, SE vCPU-based licensing can be used instead of cluster-size-based licensing in a container environment.

Trial License Terms

A free trial license is already installed in the product when it is downloaded from the Avi Networks website. The trial license supports all features supported by an enterprise license. The following table describes the trial license limits and terms:

Infrastructure (Cloud) Type Licensed By Limits
Nutanix Acropolis
SE vCPUs First 30 days: 20 vCPUs

After 30 days: 2 vCPUs and 10 pool members (free perpetual limit)

Linux server cloud (bare metal) SE sockets First 30 days: 4 sockets

After 30 days: 0 sockets

Container cloud Nodes in Cluster First 30 days: 200 nodes and 200 virtual services

After 30 days: 20 nodes and 20 virtual services (free perpetual limit)