OpenStack VIP Modes: Allowed Address Pairs and Interface Secondary IPs

Avi Vantage supports two OpenStack virtual IP modes, allowed-address pairs and interface-secondary IPs.

For details about virtual IP modes with Nuage or Contrail SDN platforms, please refer to:

Option 1. Using Allowed-Address Pairs

This is the default mode of for VIP placement and VIP traffic. In this mode …

  • An unbound VIP port is created.
  • The VIP address is added as an AAP entry on the SE’s DATA-vnic
  • The floating IP is associated to the unbound VIP port.

This mode works well for non-DVR Neutron OVS+IPTables. It is not supported for DVR with floating IPs, Contrail, NVP, ACI OpFlex (< v0.9.14). There is a limit of 10 AAPs on a vNIC by default.

Option 2. Using Interface-Secondary IPs

In this mode …

  • The VIP address is added as a secondary IP on the SE DATA-vnic.
  • The floating IP is associated to the secondary IP on the SE DATA-vnic. 

This mode works well for most implementations (except Contrail). It overcomes limitations of AAP.

The CLI commands to configure this mode are shown below.

:> configure cloud
:cloud> openstack_configuration
:cloud:openstack_configuration> intf_sec_ips
:cloud:openstack_configuration> save
:cloud> save

Updated: 2018-01-19 07:12:45 +0000