Support Terms and Conditions


The maintenance and support services (“Support Services”) provided by Avi Networks, Inc. (“Avi Networks”) are intended to assist customers with questions and issues related to production use of Avi Networks’ software products (“Licensed Products”).   Support is provided as a part of every subscription license to the Licensed Products.  These Maintenance & Support Terms (“Terms”) set forth Avi Networks’ support responsibilities for the Licensed Products.





  • Installation instruction
  • Configuration instruction
  • Usage instruction
  • Instruction in installation of updates and patches
  • Remote diagnosis of issues
  • Bug and enhancement reporting

Not Included:

  • Custom reporting
  • Custom scripting
  • Modifications to Avi Networks’ Products
  • Comprehensive product training
  • Integration of Avi Networks’ products with third-party products
  • System or network design
  • Hardware or environment support (EG power, cooling, etc.)
  • On-site assistance


Community Support:

  • Support through knowledge base, portal & customer community only.
  • Avi Networks makes no commitments of any kind with respect to Community Support, including without limitation any commitment regarding the provision of support from any member of Avi Networks’ support team.
  • Users of Avi Networks’ products rely on Community Support entirely at their own risk, even as to information which is or may appear to be provided by Avi personnel.

24x7 Support:

  • Community Support
  • Plus access to support agents through Avi Networks’ support portal 24x7x365

For 24x7 Support, support agents provide:

  • Ability to provide general product information, configuration support, collection of relevant technical problem identification information, filter non-technical problems from technical problems.
  • Ability to support problem isolation and product specification defect determination.
  • Ability to analyze traces of where the error occurred.
  • Fixing Product bugs/defects or generating work-arounds, including any security vulnerabilities identified by Avi Networks or any third party.
  • Troubleshooting bugs/defects that Level 2 support is unable to bring to resolution.




The provisions of this section apply only to 24x7 Support.  Avi makes no commitments with respect to Community Support.

Avi Networks and Customer will cooperate in efforts to resolve reported errors. For all reproducible reported errors, Avi Networks will assign a tracking or ticket number, and will work to determine the cause of the error and will make a reasonable effort to provide an explanation, solution or workaround according to the response times indicated.  For the purpose of determining response and solution times, time periods shorter than business days shall be measured only during the hours in which a customer is entitled to access Avi Networks support agents based on the support plan purchased by the customer (“Support Hours”).

Problem severities are defined below.  It is Avi Networks’ policy to work with its Customer to establish the severity for a problem.  Avi will accept the Customer’s determination of the severity level for the purposes of the initial response time.  Resolution time will be subject to Avi Networks’ verification of the severity level in its reasonable judgment.


Severity 1:  The Licensed Product is unusable or unavailable, or a failure of the Licensed Product has caused (i) an existing Customer production network or system to become unavailable or (ii) a critical and negative effect on Customer’s business operation.

Severity 2:  At least one significant function of the Licensed Product is unusable or unavailable, or the failure of the Licensed Product has caused (i) severe degradation in the operation of an existing Customer production network or system or (ii) a significant and negative effect on Customer’s business operation.

Severity 3:  The Licensed Product is functioning, but is failing to operate in material accordance with the relevant Documentation, and/or a failure in the Licensed Product has impaired the performance of a Customer production network or system.

Severity 4:  Customer requires information or assistance on Licensed Product capabilities, installation, or configuration.


  1. Avi Networks will provide responses to problem reports, ongoing updates, and resolutions according to the following table:
Severity Initial Response Ongoing Updates Time to Provide Fix/Workaround
S1 30 mins Every Hour 4 hours
S2 1 Hour Every 2 Hours 24 hours
S3 4 Hours Every 1 Business Day 5 Business Days
S4 24 Hours Every 3 Business Days 10 Business Days
  1. Avi Networks will escalate unresolved problems according to the table below. Severity 1 problem escalation times are measured in Support Hours. Escalation times for all other Severity levels shall be measured only during Business Days, where a Business Day shall be measured from the time of the triggering event on the first Business Day to the same time on the next Business Day.
Elapsed Time Severity 1 Severity 2 Severity 3 Severity 4
1 Hour Support Group Lead
4 Hour Support Director Support Group Lead
24 Hour VP Engineering Support Director
48 Hour President (CEO) VP Engineering
72 Hour Support Group Lead
96 Hour President (CEO) Support Director Support Group Lead

Avi Networks will make contact information for the roles in the table above as necessary over the course of an escalation process.  Any changes to the initial contacts shall be communicated to the appropriate party as soon as reasonably possible, and/or incorporated into any applicable standard operating procedure document.




Avi will regularly update its portal with release notes or other documentation addressing the relevant current Licensed Product information, including solutions or work‑arounds for known Licensed Product issues.


Avi Networks will have no obligation to provide Support Services if Customer is not in compliance with the terms of the agreement between Customer and Avi Networks under which Customer has the right to use the Licensed Products (the “License Agreement”). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in order to be eligible to receive Support Services, Customer must be current, without lapse, in all amounts due Avi Networks, and the operating environment in which the Licensed Products are installed and operate must comply with Avi Networks’ Documentation for the relevant release of the Licensed Products.


Avi Networks may request that the Customer reproduce the error, demonstrate to Avi Networks how to reproduce the error or provide log files, diagnostic tests or other investigative support. Customer will comply with all such requests in order to enable Avi Networks to provide the Support Services.  Avi Networks may request, and Customer will not unreasonably deny, access to the computing environment in which to investigate and attempt to duplicate the error. Customer will designate appropriately skilled support personnel who are trained in the use of and knowledgeable about the Licensed Products and the Customer environment in which the Licensed Products operate to be responsible for reporting Errors and receiving and implementing corrective actions.


In addition to conditions under which performance is excused under the License Agreement, Avi Networks will have no obligation to provide Support Services for (i) Licensed Products modified by Customer personnel or by third parties; (ii) Errors caused by the failure to use the Licensed Products in accordance with the Documentation, including by reason of accident, neglect, misuse, or improper configuration or installation by Customer personnel; (iii) Errors caused by failure of or fluctuations in electrical power, hardware, cooling or other elements of the operating environment in which the Licensed Products are installed and operate; or (iv) failure of Customer to fulfill its obligations under the License Agreement or these Terms.


Avi will support any major version release of the Licensed Products for a period of eighteen (18) months from its release date (the “Version Support Period”).  A major version release is indicated by an increase in the number to the left of the first decimal point in the version number (e.g, from 16.x.x to 17.x.x), or an increase in the first number to the right of the first decimal point in the version number (e.g, from 16.1.x to 16.2.x). All minor version releases (indicated by increases in numbers to the right of the second decimal point) are treated as part of the associated major version release for the purposes of the Version Support Period.  By way of example:

  • March 1, 2016: version 16.1 released, Version 16.1 Support Period begins.
  • April 1, 2016: version 16.1.1 released.
  • April 15, 2016:  version 16.1.2 released.
  • May 1, 2016: version 16.2 released,
  • September 1, 2017: Version Support Period ends for version 16.1, including all 16.1.x versions.
  • November 1, 2017: Version Support Period Ends for version 16.2, including all 16.2.x versions



Avi Networks may offer, for a fee, training in the operation, service and maintenance of the License Products at a location mutually and reasonably agreed upon.  Customer may, at its own expense, record training for use by Customers’ internal personnel, including, but not limited to Customers’ contractors, provided that such recordings shall be treated as Avi Confidential Information and Customer’s license to such recordings are expressly limited to Customer’s internal use.



Unless otherwise expressly agreed in a writing executed by Customer and Avi Networks, Support under these Terms is provided during the term of Customer’s subscription to the Licensed Products, and terminates automatically at the end of such subscription term.