Amazon Web Services Support in Avi Vantage

Starting 16.2 release, Avi Vantage supports Amazon Web Services integration. Avi Vantage offers elastic application services that extend beyond load balancing to deliver real-time application and security insights, simplify troubleshooting, auto scale predictively, and enable developer self-service and automation in Amazon Web Services.


Avi Vantage deployment for AWS offers the following advantages:

  • Full-featured load balancing, including multiple load-balancing algorithms and advanced HTTP content switching capabilities.
  • AWS APIs integration for spinning up EC2 instances.
  • Real-time insights into application health, end-user experience, and log analytics.
  • Dynamic workload mobility across clouds based on business metrics such as cost, performance, security, and compliance requirements, reducing risk, and providing flexibility.

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to the documentation for AWS integration with Avi Vantage:

Solution References
Complete Installation Guide Installing Avi Vantage in Amazon Web Services
Deployment References
Controller Cluster Deployment Controller Cluster Deployment Across Two Availability Zones
IAM Role Setup IAM Role Setup for Installation into AWS
IAM AssumeRole AWS Cross-Account AssumeRole Support
Recommended Resource Requirements Sizing Service Engines
Autoscaling in Public Clouds Autoscaling in Public Clouds
Configuration References
Tag for Auto-Created SEs Configuring a Tag for Auto-created SEs in AWS
Controller Cluster Avi Controller Cluster Configuration in AWS
Auto Scaling Groups Avi Integration with AWS Auto Scaling Groups
Configuration and Metrics Collection Configuration and Metrics Collection on Avi Vantage for AWS Server Autoscaling
Security Groups Custom Security Groups in OpenStack and AWS Clouds
DNS DNS Provider (AWS)
IPAM IPAM Provider (AWS)
Security Further Tightening Security in OpenStack and AWS Clouds