Function > pool [, server [, port]] )
Description Selects a pool or a specific server within a pool for the current request. The selection does not take effect if an HTTP Request Policy was also configured with a switching action to select a pool or a specific server in a pool. The switching action of the HTTP Request Policy takes precedence over the DataScript's pool selection.
Parameter pool can be a specific pool name or an expression that evaluates to a valid pool name.

The optional server flag is the IP address of the server, in quotes.

The optional port flag forwards the connection to a specific service port of the server. The port must be a number between 0 and 65536, or an expression that evaluates to a valid port number.

Caveats The pool name, server name or IP, and the server port may be called explicitly, or dynamically determined based on a Lua expression. If the pool name, server, or server port do not exist or are not able to be referenced by the virtual service, an error is generated.

  • Explicit reference: A configuration error will be generated while saving the DataScript.
  • Dynamically generated reference: A runtime error is generated, which results in a 500 error return to the client.
Returns No value returned
Example 1 Forward the request to an explicit destination.
if avi.http.get_path() == "/sales/" then"sales-pool")
elseif avi.http.get_path () == "/engineering/" then"engineering-pool", "apache1")
elseif avi.http.get_path () == "/marketing/" then"marketing", "")
Example 2 Forward the request to a dynamically generated destination. would go to the support pool would go to the sales pool, 1))

Updated: 2018-01-19 07:12:18 +0000