Avi Vantage 16.2.6 Release Notes

This article describes the new features, changes, and fixes in Avi Vantage release 16.2.6.

Issues Resolved in 16.2.6

  • AV-14134: Multiple AWS cross-account roles in the same policy are not handled correctly
  • AV-14136: Proxy configuration in AWS cloud is lost after UI saves the configuration

What’s New in 16.2.5

  • Support for DC/OS 1.8.6

Issues Resolved in 16.2.5

  • AV-14081: Python pip does not work on the Avi Controller

What’s New in 16.2.4

  • Support for DC/OS 1.8.4

Issues Resolved in 16.2.4

  • AV-8467: Service Engine management interface not renewing DHCP lease in some cases
  • AV-13353: Routing issue on Mesos Service Engine after leader failover
  • AV-13407 Virtual Service configuration missing on Service Engine after losing connectivity to Avi Controller
  • AV-13762: Service Engine resource exhaustion causes failure
  • AV-13811: Upgrade aborted due to a race condition in file copy

What’s New in 16.2.3

Issues Resolved in 16.2.3

  • AV-13124: Pool servers go down because default route gets deleted from the Service Engine
  • AV-12436: Set MTU based on DHCP provided value
  • AV-12942: Pool servers marked down incorrectly due to log-manager service failure
  • AV-13045: Enabling traffic capture with packet count < 10 leads to SE and VS failure
  • AV-12208: Mesos upgrade gets stuck if unable to write SE image to repository
  • AV-12715: RHI config on child VS not exposed in GUI, but required for placement

What’s New in 16.2.2

Issues Resolved in 16.2.2

  • AV-12300: Location value is not saved in response policies
  • AV-11933: Cannot edit virtual service policy rule
  • AV-11745: Long tenant name overruns into the area below the UI header area
  • AV-11764: UI does not throw an error when setting disk size too small in an SE group
  • AV-11846: LDAP is not mapping groups correctly
  • AV-11886: Bare-metal Controller shows source IP as in TACACS
  • AV-12187: Client body timeout of 0 is immediate, rather than infinite
  • AV-11981: DataScript refers to a pool that has already been deleted
  • AV-12224: In OpenStack, port garbage collection is not happening soon enough

What’s New in 16.2.1

  • SR-IOV and VLAN filtering for Cisco CSP
  • Ability to specify a Service Engine’s disk configuration to VMware vCenter
  • IPAM/DNS for VMware read-only cloud
  • SE configuration controls to support dedicated dispatcher and socket placement
  • BGP selective advertisement for VIP/SNAT
  • Support for multiple BGP peers in a single network

Issues Resolved in 16.2.1

  • AV-11118: Remote desktop gateway RDS 2012 fails with HTTPS VIP
  • AV-11190: No install logs available for bare metal install
  • AV-11445: Handle port-security and Allowed-Address-pair settings appropriately
  • AV-11456: Post-upgrade to 16.2 cause CC_IP_ATTACH_FAILURE events
  • AV-11457: All client logs are deleted on a single node cluster during upgrade
  • AV-11483: Unable to edit system access settings if large banner is used in UI
  • AV-11577: SE crashes when “Always Send” is enabled in Persistence Profile
  • AV-11644: Auth Groups not assigning correct privileges to LDAP users

What’s New in 16.2

This section summarizes the enhancements in 16.2. For more information, click on the feature names.

Issues Resolved in 16.2

  • AV-8071 Multiple instances of the same health monitor were accepted in a pool configuration
  • AV-8163 Host header was missing from client logs
  • AV-8239 Servers would show as down in the UI, even though they were up
  • AV-8698 Tech support upload to S3 did not work via the proxy server
  • AV-8948 The dollar sign ($) was not allowed in an admin password input via the UI. The UI now accepts upper and lower case letters, numbers and _ - + = % $ @
  • AV-8950 Import of certificate bundle would fail if there were expired certificates
  • AV-8951 The UI should show only the first certificate of the bundle in a PKI profile
  • AV-9003 The PKI profile update interval should be in minutes
  • AV-9319 Accept-encoding header ‘gzip’ was being re-written to “Identity” even though compression was disabled
  • AV-10114 A multiple packet response to a health check would not be parsed correctly, and the server would wrongly be marked down
  • AV-10627 App response time for POST would include the client transfer time
  • AV-11268 Virtual Service accepts TCP connections even when all servers are down

Performing the Upgrade

Upgrade prerequisite: current version of Avi Controller must be 15.2 or later.

Upgrade Instructions

Protocol Ports Used by Avi Vantage for Management Communication

Supported Platforms

  • VMware
    • vCenter 5.1, 5.5, and 6.0
    • vCO and vCAC
  • OpenStack Havana, Icehouse, Juno, Kilo, Liberty releases
  • Bare metal host running OEL7.0, 7.2, RHEL7.0, 7.2, and CentOS 7.2
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cisco APIC 1.0.3f and later
  • Juniper Contrail 3.0.2
  • Containers
    • Docker UCP version 1.1.1
    • Rancher (Server/Agent): v1.0.0; Cattle: v0.159.2
    • Mesosphere DC/OS 1.6, (with 16.2.3 ->) 1.8, (with 16.2.4 ->) 1.8.4, (with 16.2.5 ->) 1.8.6
    • Mesos 0.23.0, 0.23.1, 0.24.0, 0.24.1, 0.25.0, 0.26.0, 0.27.0, and 0.27.1
    • Marathon 0.13.x, 0.14.x, 0.15.0, 0.15.1, 0.15.2, and 0.15.3
    • Fleet 0.10.5
  • Nutanix Acropolis 4.6

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