The Avi Vantage Platform Benefits

The Future of Software Defined Application Services

Smart Load Balancer | Intelligent WAF | Elastic Service Mesh

The Avi Vantage Platform is purpose-built for the cloud and mobile era using a unique analytics-driven, 100% software approach. Avi Vantage is the first platform to leverage the power of software-defined principles to achieve unprecedented agility, insights, and efficiency in application delivery.

The Avi Vantage Difference

Lower TCO by up to 70%

Dramatically reduces upfront capital costs through an elastic software-based model that alleviates operational complexities in legacy hardware management.

  • Runs on x86 servers – no proprietary hardware
  • No over-provisioning – consumption-based use Zero capex with significantly reduced opex

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5x Faster Application Rollouts

Enables automation and reduces application provisioning time from weeks to hours. Includes API-powered integrations, centralized role-based access and multi-tenancy to facilitate easy provisioning of applications.

  • Software load balancer (no need to procure and configure proprietary hardware)
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with SDN (Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, Nuage etc.), OpenStack, and container technologies
  • Multi-tenancy to allow application isolation and easy upgrades

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Troubleshoot Issues in Minutes

Provides actionable insights into end user experience, application performance, resource utilization, security, and anomalous behavior collected via real-time application telemetry.

  • Granular, real-time insights into transaction round-trip-times, application health score, and client insights displayed on visual console
  • “Network DVR” to record and replay network events and pinpoint app issues
  • At-a-glance view of all virtual services throughout the system and application maps with visual dependency graphs  for microservices

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Self-Service Provisioning

Meets the needs of continuous integration and deployment environments with self-service provisioning and programmable application services for all features.

  • Speeds up application provisioning with 100% REST APIs
  • Easy deployment within test environments to empower developers to connect software defined application services directly to their applications
  • Integrations with DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible

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Customizable Security

Enforces the right web application security posture for your specific needs and maximizes detection and catch rates for modern vulnerabilities.

  • Actionable, visual security details are displayed in real time
  • Application-specific security options
  • Automated security policy configurations which scale elastically across data centers and clouds

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Deployment of Microservice Apps

Avoid costly operational challenges inherent in application services for monolithic architectures by deploying a modern, elastic service mesh for container-based microservices applications.

  • Network applications and services such as load balancing, health monitoring, TLS/SSL offload, session persistence, content/URL switching, and content modification
  • View the interactions between services to identify erroneous interactions, security violations, and network latencies
  • Integrates with Kubernetes and Mesos to automate deployment and management of containerized applications

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